Huron Canoeing

  DSC_0241By far, canoeing is my favorite Michigan outdoor pastime. I grew up always loving swimming and being near coastlines, and so I find a certain comfort in floating along a gently flowing body of water.

I definitely held the wrong mindset about canoeing the first time I went. I would race my family members, pushing the other person in my canoe to paddle faster so we could finish first. I have long since learned that this is the exact opposite of what the activity should be: indeed, canoeing should be a peaceful experience, centered around relaxation and forgetting the hectic schedules we are so accustomed to.

My personal favorite is an 8-mile trip with Skip's Canoe Livery that takes us through some light currents and also past a nice little picnic spot. It takes 3-4 hours: a perfect amount of time to cozy up with a drink and soak up the beautiful scenery around you. DSC_0209DSC_0198DSC_0279DSC_0293  [Reggie: a new corgi friend we made.]