Easy Combination

_DSC0024While headed to Reading Terminal Market (as previously mentioned here and here), Matthew and I had high hopes for making something really spectacular for dinner. We hatched up plans to make a mango-tomato bruschetta, potato gnocchi, and also dessert to top it all off. As we wandered through the market though, we grew increasingly lazy and lost the desire to put so much work into a meal--especially if it required getting things like balsamic vinegar that he probably wouldn't use after I left. We also kept spoiling our appetite by indulging in a bunch of market sweets. A cookie here, a few chocolate truffles there....by the end of it, we definitely were in no state to have an actual dinner. We abandoned our elaborate plans for dinner and settled on getting a baguette, fresh mozzarella cheese, and some garnishes. It was a relatively simple meal, but sometimes it's the simple things in life are what we appreciate the most.