Zingerman's Delicatessen

As an aspiring entrepreneur getting her business education in the city of Ann Arbor, my courses often look at the local Zingerman's family of businesses as a case study. They have successfully built a brand that is known not just for their excellent delicatessen and roadhouse, but have  also flourished in gaining national recognition as a market for superior food products. Their open-minded culture also creates a very positive work environment, making Zingerman's a pleasant experience for employees as well. Having been to the delicatessen before, I wanted to try something a little different than a sandwich. Instead of my usual Leo's Friendly Lion, I ordered the Stewart's Farmer's Hash ("Zingerman's vegetarian hash; Oven-roasted sweet potatoes & redskin potatoes, piquillo peppers, sauteed spinach & crispy onions"). A warm and filling dinner, it made the walk back to my dorm slightly more bearable. DSC_1524 DSC_1527 DSC_1550 DSC_1542 DSC_1546 DSC_1552