Bake Shops

DSC_8124Like most adults, my childhood experiences have directly contributed to my perspective on life. As a result of frequent moving when I was younger, I feel that every stage in my life is temporary and thus long for something permanent (a stable job, my own home, marriage, etc.) more so than my friends. But each time I move forward into a new stage,  selective moments of that previous life pile onto an accumulation of memories–making me a fierce nostalgic that often thinks about past. Given my current circumstances in life where I still haven't "settled", I see it more as brainstorming for an ideal future rather than unhealthily living in the past.

Bakeries are always one of those triggers for nostalgia. Anytime a family member had a birthday, my grandparents and I would wander through the Clement street area in search of a new bakery we hadn't gone to before. The joy of then walking into a bakery knowing that we were going to buy one of the beautiful cakes was overwhelming for a younger version of myself, and something that remains with me to this day.

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