Weekend Inspiration

DSC_8639Thursday is my favorite day of the workweek: it is almost the weekend yet usually remains productive. Going forth into the weekend, I compiled a few tips for elevating an evening based off of a small birthday party I hosted for a friend. A little bit of planning ahead of time turns the usual gathering with friends into a memorable experience--one that might even become a summer highlight.

DSC_8703My current living quarters are not fancy. As you can see in the picture, there are some rather fratty posters on the wall of an otherwise boring living room. With just a few strands of white Christmas lights and balloons though, the place becomes whimsical and alive with the delicate lighting.

DSC_8767It is often difficult to provide entertainment for everyone, as everyone tends to break off into smaller groups that are more conducive to conversation. But if there is something that gets everyone to get back into a group and participate in an activity together, it is easier to share a commonality and thus the memories of that night. I chose fireworks, but there are an array of other activities (eating cake, watching a video compilation/slideshow, etc) that you can choose.

DSC_8774 I am very visual and love pictures. Throughout the mingling and catching up with my friends, I carried my camera around and snapped pictures of the night. The effort was minimal on my end, and my friends all thoroughly enjoyed the high quality DSLR pictures that I took that provided nice contrast with the selfies they already had.

Happy Thursday!