El Yunque National Rain Forest

DSC_3296 Experiencing the beauty of a rain forest for my first time was one of my Puerto Rico highlights. About 45 minutes away from our airbnb, my crew rented a car and drove over to El Yunque for the day. After driving to the top and back down, we parked our car and picked a few trails to hike. All in all we hiked around 10 miles, walking through some of the most lush vegetation and beautiful naturally formed waterfalls. I loved hearing all the different types of bird calls, and trying to get them to come out with my pathetic human whistles.

Our crew packed snacks and water in advance, which was definitely a good call since there wasn't much within the rain forest. My initially unappetizing lunch of a cheese sandwich and pringles that I had brought suddenly turned into ambrosia after all that hiking. I shared some of my pringles with the stray cats (sorry if this is a no-no), and slept really well that night after we got back to San Juan.