Mondays: Mike

DSC_3084.JPG Within our very humanities focused group of friends, Mike and I are like two sore thumbs with our pursuit of business focused jobs. We bond over how stressful it is when recruiters don't respond to emails, how emotionally taxing it is to attend networking events, and overall how anxiety ridden it is to compete against super intense type A business students. While I sometimes fit that b-school student description quite well, I appreciate that Mike (along with the rest of my crew) doesn't judge me as a "sellout" for pursuing my marketing career at a large corporation.

Indeed, we go way back to our first Econ 101 class together at the University of Michigan. Mike, also a Columbus native like his good friend Brendan, is pursuing enlightenment in International Studies and Economics. Mike's aesthetic is guided by classic American menswear with a twist, as particularly evidenced through his Ray Ban aviators (which he has had for 10 years -- kudos for being able to keep something in your life for so long).

Mike is definitely in the core of my Friday night pregame crew and we always have really great candid conversations about life, politics, music, etc.  We never hesitate to call each other out, so it kept our time in Puerto Rico both feisty and interesting.