Mondays: James

DSC_1354.JPG James, an Ann Arbor native, towers over most people with his 6'2 athletic frame. Through the physical discipline required by rowing and ballroom dancing, James stands with great posture and physique. With a comfortable, accented, and changing aesthetic, its no wonder that his favorite piece of clothing is a Commes Des Garcons shirt (like this one) that is simple yet fun and multi-functional. His favorite accessory is a Cartier Love bracelet that I never see him without.

While his education at the University of Michigan centers around International Studies, his artistic interests have taken him internationally for fashion and design internships. His on-campus involvement with Noir is seriously incredible, and there's no one else I would trust to bang out a sexy flier in the Adobe suite.

Indeed, there are few people as important or impressive to me as my best friend James. As another fellow tall Asian we have found so many common interests that bring us together. Through avoiding Asian glow at the club, photography, ballroom dancing (check out our dancing skillz here), eating Chinese food, and so much more, we have spent some really high quality time with each other. But not enough, so James, expect a photo date soon!


You can check out James' work on his website, and get a glimpse of his creative mind through his Instagram. He's one of my Instafeed favorites!