Puerto Rico: Tresbe

DSC_3000 Outside of its warm weather and beautiful beaches, Puerto Rico is a great vacation spot because you really don't need any Spanish to get around. While my friend Johnny's Spanish was helpful at times to hash out more specific details, my "Do you speak English?" request was usually met with a nod or a point to someone who could.

I utilized my non-Spanish skills a lot at Tresbe, a cafe restaurant about 5 minutes away from our airbnb. Housed in a re-purposed yellow shipping container, Tresbe was a really great place to grab a bite or acai smoothie on their outdoor patio. On the first day, I stayed within my food repertoire and got fish tacos (which were probably the best fish tacos of my life). But towards the end of our stay I got more adventurous and tried ceviche: raw fish cured with citrus juices. I can't wait for my next encounter with ceviche.


Calle Loiza, a great area to stay at. Walking distance to Ocean Park Beach, and close to bars, restaurants, and grocery stores.


The most bombtastic fish tacos ever.DSC_2991

Look at that fish meat. Yum.


Empanadas! DSC_3281

Ceviche: not scary at all, and served with sweet fried dough. DSC_2997

Flan that tasted like straight up condensed milk, my absolute favorite.