Marin Headlands

DSC_6211 Visitors to the city often make their way to the Golden Gate Bridge, and some even make their way over it and back. But very few actually venture into Marin Headlands, a beautiful recreational area on a hilly peninsula a few miles past the bridge.


We had the great fortune of a host who not only drove us over the bridge, but also took us down a few winding roads to the Marin Marine Mammal Center and Rodeo Beach. Lisa, pictured below, knew all the great spots to take us and we were so thankful to be her guests!


The Marin Marine Mammal Center is not an aquarium or zoo; it is a research center that publishes papers on topics such as cancer prevalence among seals and also the implications of sea pollutants on humans. There is an observation deck that is free and open to the public, and you get to see biologists and volunteers working with malnourished seals. That day in particular was weighing day, so we got to see a bunch of cute seals being carted to and from the scale.


Our last stop was Rodeo Beach. It was a windy and brisk day, but there were still lots of surfers out. John and I both lusted after their carefree lifestyles, allowing them to go surfing on a Tuesday morning. Maybe in our next lives...