Philly by Day

Long distance relationships are difficult, but having my significant other in a vibrant city like Philadelphia does lend itself to some perks. Instead of trudging to another college town to see him, I feel like I have an actual destination in mind when I pack my small TSA-friendly carry-on and check in at the airport. I've been to Philly before, but this was my first time going in the middle of a busy school semester. Being able to leave my books behind and forget the daily grind for a little is an extremely liberating feeling. And combined with seeing the person I love the most, this past weekend ended up being a truly enjoyable and memorable one. _DSC0154_DSC0168_DSC0209_DSC0231

Fall Necessities

Fall is something I never really appreciated until I moved to the midwest. The abundant colors, corn maizes, and apple orchards give the season a certain feel and truly capture this time of year as a special one--and also one that we can't help but find ourselves anticipating every year. This year, I finally had the chance to go to an apple orchard. The sweet Golden Delicious apples, fresh cider, and warm donuts all made this inaugural experience a very special one, especially in the company of good friends. Indeed, experiencing a midwestern fall definitely is something everyone should have on their bucket lists.

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