Mondays: Nick


Not everyone in the Stephen M. Ross School of Business is an arrogant and heartless "rosshole", and the existence of a calm chill dude like my friend Nick assures me that there is hope for the rest of us.

I met Nick through Marketing 300, the first ever step towards what is now my major. Through candid discussion about  Burger King's questionable advertisement choices, we both got our first exposure to the ideas surrounding the industry. Nick was such a baller group mate in MKT300 that I thought it would be cool to continue working together in next semester's MKT425 class where we truly became BFFs. I have really fond memories of developing our group's drink sharing app idea with Nick, which maybe someday will come to fruition (probably not though).


As a now retired swimmer for the University of Michigan, he's trying to avoid sweatpants and recover from his former preppy days. He has a favorite pair of dark jeans (everyone should), and his favorite accessories include his watch and clubmasters.

Wishing the best of luck to Nick as he moves away from his hometown of Wilmette, IL to his new job in Manhattan this summer!





Mondays: Victor

DSC_4097 As the President of the Michigan Ballroom Dance Team, I am always trying to spread the joy of dancing. I love telling people my story of having no prior dancing experience but then discovering a passion for ballroom, and consequently becoming so infatuated with learning all the styles that I stuck around for four years.

Accordingly, it brings me so much happiness when others are so convinced by my stories that they not only give dancing a try, but they also join the team! Victor, a Shanghai native studying Computer Engineering, was one of those people who gave dancing a try and found joy in our community. Not only does he consistently come to lesson, but he reached out to me and another friend to get dinner sometime. Super cool to not only put yourself out there on the dance floor, but also in friendships and relationships with new people.


Victor's aesthetic incorporates a classic look, contrasting dark and bright colors to achieve either an elegant or energetic look. From taking inspiration from a lot of different places (Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Ann Arbor, etc), he brings a unique perspective to getting dressed everyday. One of his favorite outfits that I see him in is a thick gray cardigan with a Facebook tshirt underneath (where he interned this past summer), and he loves his sunglasses too.

As a senior, it can be very easy to be close minded to meeting new people. However, getting ice cream with a cool person like Victor has definitely re-emphasized the importance of always being willing to grab coffee with someone new and getting to know them better.


Mondays: John

DSC_3873 John and I have built a lot of memories together in the short span of time we've known each other. Loose associations formed through both being in ballroom at the start of junior year, we started sorta kinda hanging out a little bit at the end of junior year, and then didn't really start being real *friends* until the start of this year. Our adventures have taken us through episodes of Freaks and Geeks, across state lines for ballroom competitions, into basement practice rooms to sing acoustic versions of crude rap songs, and of course up and down the streets of Ann Arbor for whatever the weekend beckons.


I love how John puts himself together everyday, and there's definitely certain pieces in his closet that I repeatedly tell him I love every time he wears them.  With a relaxed, individualist, and versatile look (with a little bit of prep mixed in), his wardrobe features great boots like the brown ones above.

Indeed, John has built a really diverse closet ranging from student org shirts to knitted rainbow sweaters, and his current favorite is his Eaux Claires festival t-shirt. There's lots of meaning behind his favorite things too: he wears is grandfather's belt buckle everyday.DSC_3884DSC_3901DSC_3928DSC_3931

Mondays: Cellik

DSC_7760 Mondays are tough. Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful men in my life that make it easier; at least on the eyes. To help kickstart your week, every Monday I'll be featuring one of the multiple bangin' dudes I have the pleasure of knowing. It'll be pretty straightforward and untamed.

Cellik is the freshest face of my new #ManCrushMonday series. He is an Ann Arbor native studying Cognitive Science. His aesthetic is casual and neutral toned, with a few statement accessories and pieces that he switches up like his favorite Celtic knot ring. When asked to describe his aesthetic in 3 words, he said "whatever fits me". So awesome, cause whatever he wears looks comfortable yet contemporary. I love Doc Martens myself so 10 points to Gryffindor for your choice of shoes.

We met through a mutual acquaintance (who you'll see featured on JM next week), of course over photography. I had just upgraded from a Nikon D5000 to  Nikon D7000, and he was the first subject I photographed (the camera was literally just taken out of the box maybe 10 minutes before I met him). He's incredibly nice to work with, and has a calm demeanor that makes it easy to shoot with him both behind and in front of the camera. Our fondest memory together is taking pictures in the law quad where we bumped into multiple wedding parties that were also shooting that day. Oops.

Please enjoy the pictures of Cellik and his billowy soft brown hair.

DSC_7792.jpgDSC_7859.JPGDSC_7972.JPGDSC_8017.jpgLadies and gents that camera is no prop, Cellik creates some absolutely stunning art


LittleWhiteDressMy friends and family all know that I am super particular with fit, color, style, etc., and generally avoid buying clothes come time for birthdays. But occasionally, my mom will take the gamble and buy something that becomes an all-time favorite. This white dress is a refreshing addition to my mostly black closet, and commands so much attention in itself that I didn't see a need to heavily accessorize. It fits quite snugly yet has a very modest neckline, and unlike most white dresses, is not sheer and see-through. I wore this comfortably for the day with some light pink lipstick and gold peep-toe flats.