Date Night: First Friday

DSC_6602Before every visit to Philadelphia, Matthew makes a google doc of potential places we could eat, shop, or just relax at. I always feel his anticipation of my arrival through this gesture, and it increases the excitement of going to Philadelphia before I even step onto the plane. One of the most memorable dates he planned for us involved First Friday, where local art galleries in Philadelphia's old district welcome the public with wine and independent artists fill the streets. Before we roamed off into the many galleries, we revisited one of my favorite restaurants for a great dinner of seared tuna with mushroom risotto and Asian shrimp po boys.

While it was tempting to splurge thousands of dollars I don't have on magnificent paintings, I did end up choosing a handmade wire ring with Matthew's assistance (the one pictured on my middle finger). A month later, I still have that ring on and vividly remember the wonderful date night where it came from. DSC_6607 DSC_6610DSC_6620 DSC_6614

A Spoonful of Sugar

Pictures do not serve the art form of drawing characters with caramel justice. This video gets a little bit closer though, and also explains the process more clearly. What happens is an artist trained in this skill takes a ladle of melted caramel, and creates a beautiful animal: generally an animal of the traditional Chinese zodiac, and sometimes other creatures of interest like phoenixes. The customer can then take it home and admire it for a few days or elect to eat it right there.

My siblings tried to save their creations for at least a few days, but ultimately gave in and ate it later that evening. I guess our stomach speaks more strongly than our eyes. DSC_0214 DSC_0428 DSC_0434