Grand Haven

When I moved from San Francisco to mid-Michigan, swimming in the ocean topped my list of things I would miss. However, I soon discovered that the large bodies of water surrounding the state identified more closely to a large sea than just a lake. I was absolutely blown away the first time I visited a Great Lake, and pleasantly surprised by the freshwater. No salt stinging my eyes or destroying my hair was definitely a perk. Grand Haven is one of Michigan's more popular beaches, with a quaint little downtown and many yummy food offerings. We stopped at Porto Bello for dinner, and left with our stomachs stuffed with not just our entrees, but unlimited bread and salad as well.

DSC_0385DSC_0450DSC_0467DSC_0472[Pesto Fettucini Alfredo with vegetables]

Northern Michigan: Scenery

After a stressful week of midterms, I had the lovely opportunity to go up north with some friends to Traverse City. My friend is from the area, so us "fudgies" (vacationers, cottage owners, anything not local year-round residents) got to see more than just tourist attractions. The weather forecast predicted rain all weekend, but we held our breaths and went to the beach anyways. We managed to beat the rain, and had a great day basking in the summer sun.


Good Harbor Beach was blissful, serene, splendid.... magical even. We were just three people out of maybe a handful of the few there, so it was really nice to not be overwhelmed by large numbers of tourists.

We went to Sleeping Bear Dunes as well.



And then we headed to another beach, keeping ourselves busy with hunting for Petoskey stones and just enjoying the sand in between our toes.




Our delightful Saturday winded down with a relaxing bonfire.