Santa Cruz Harbor

DSC_6171 After missing our first flight, buying a second one, and then almost missing the connecting flight for that second one, John and I finally made it to California! Given how much bad luck we encountered in our first time flying together, it felt like a huge accomplishment when we finally landed at SFO.

We were greeted by my friend Ryan in his red convertible Mustang, before we started speeding down 101 to get to Santa Cruz. The plan that afternoon was to go sailing with his friends.


Unfortunately, it was too windy and we were not able to actually sail. However, we still sat around on Jessica's boat drinking beer and eating cheese. It was really nice to just be at the Santa Cruz harbor after a nightmare of a flying experience, and we enjoyed making fun of some of the boat names (Lotus Flower, lol).


Afterwards, we got dinner at the Crow's Nest where we ate way too much bread. I still finished all my scallops though!

Thanks again to Jesica and Alex for the Sunday Santa Cruz experience.