First birthdayA year ago, I started The Machine as a way to share my photography and a glimpse of my life. Since then, I've gained over a hundred followers and have really grown to appreciate the blogging community. Personally, this past year has shown me immense growth as well--I finished my first year in the business school, and am now working my first summer as a full time intern. Suddenly in college, the question of "What do you want to do when you're older?" becomes far more daunting and realistic, and I feel like I have really made strides to both figure this question out and also find mechanisms to assure myself it's okay if I haven't figured it out.

Thank you to all my followers for their support--I hope that this coming year proves to be just as fulfilling for both my blog and personal goals!


First Date

First Date It's Wednesday, which means...that special person you've been wanting to ask out? Better get on that ASAP, before they already make plans for Friday!

Might I suggest a dessert date? Casual yet thoughtful, you can get to know each other without the pressure of table manners--not to mention, at the fraction of the cost too.

Pictured: Cupcake Station's Strawberry Delight and Red Velvet.