mood & groove 5

mood and groove 5 5 album covers and a self portrait:

  1. I Don't Know You by The Marias Psychedelic funk is my new favorite genre.*
  2. Magic by Rayana Jay I just want to get up and cha cha whenever I've got this playing.
  3. Overnight by Parcels Reminds me a bit of Daft Punk, with more lyrical diversity.
  4. Try / Effortless by dvsn Wow I just learned that dvsn is short for "division", which is also how it's pronounced. Huh. Everyday is a school day.
  5. Summer Days by Rhye  This says it all: "Summer days fall away, can I just make you stay?"

Get the good stuff via the player below or in a web browser here.

*Denotes this week's favorite

mood & groove 4

I missed my weekly mood & groove cadence last week and I'm almost certain you didn't notice.

In any case, it's back this week. Some tracks to re energize your commuting and focus mode playlists.

  1. History by Cosmo's Midnight Nothing more current than some Australian Twins bringing you electronic music infused with R&B.
  2. Real Life by Duke Dumont Your workweek kicker is here. Here's a stimulant free way of increasing your heart rate.
  3. City of No Reply by Amber Coffman* Samba-esque beat with resonate female harmonies.
  4. Hard to Say Goodbye by Washed Out V different from Feel It All Around.
  5. While We're Young by Jhene Aiko A chill end to your night.

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*Denotes this week’s favorite

mood & groove 3

mood and groove 3 Been sick all weekend, as reflected in the more mellow picks in this week's lineup. Happy Tuesday folks.

  1. Days with You by Snakehips Upbeat kicker for your Tuesday morning.
  2. Broken Clocks by SZA* Her most recent interview with Vogue hinted that this might be both her first and last LP - I sure hope she's just teasing cause this album is FIRE.
  3. Apocalypse by Cigarettes After Sex Brooklyn based ambient pop group, delivering some top notch tunes for a Seattle rainy day (or really any day).
  4. Perfect Places by Lorde If you never gave Lorde a chance because you thought Royals was overrated, I sincerely hope you reconsider.
  5. Don't Believe by Slow Dancer  Just a pretty boy with his pretty tunes.

Open the web player here.

*Denotes this week’s favorite

mood & groove 2

mood and groove 2 My recent jams have been exploring the vulnerability of stumbling and falling.

  1. Some Mistakes by Anna Wish*  The hook in this song explains it all: "I don’t mind making some mistakes"
  2. Falling by Drama Duo First off, this album is KILLER. Wow. This was one of those gems that makes exploring new music so freaking enjoyable.
  3. Falling by Forever Two songs with the same title in one playlist? That’s what I thought and that's what inspired the theme. Working bottoms up. Techno techno techno!
  4. Undercover (Coucheron Remix) by Kehlani/Coucheron But it don't matter no, cause I got you!
  5. Biking (Solo) by Frank Ocean 

Check out this week's top 5 on my June 2017 playlist:

*Denotes this week's favorite


mood & groove

mood and groove installment 1 5 tunes kickin on my Spotify right now:

  1. Sleepless by Girlpool (Heads up they're on tour, in Seattle on Fri 5/26Girlpool knocks it out of the water with some strong and hella playful female vocals.
  2. Lose My Cool by Amber Mark* If the rhythm doesn't hit you then you're probably an impenetrable human. If you don't find yourself groovin by 1:20 then I have failed you as a tunes curator and I deeply apologize.
  3.  Want You Back by Haim The Rockenhaim trio does it again. The oh so familiar vibes of Days Are Gone.
  4. Poolside by Baynk Nice, chill, easy.
  5. Home by J.Lisk Also nice, chill, and easy.

*denotes this week's fave


DSC_0212 Nothing says summer like outdoor concerts, and the Ann Arbor Summer Festival manifests that sentiment.

I spent my Friday evening at the kickoff of this 3-week long event, in the company of Lady Sunshine and the X Band and some good friends. And for an unexpected yet pleasant surprise, my ballroom dance partner also happened to be there.

Can't you tell how excited I was to see him?DSC_0206

Truly though, the weather was perfect and the night could not have been any more splendid. DSC_0199