mood & groove 2

mood and groove 2 My recent jams have been exploring the vulnerability of stumbling and falling.

  1. Some Mistakes by Anna Wish*  The hook in this song explains it all: "I don’t mind making some mistakes"
  2. Falling by Drama Duo First off, this album is KILLER. Wow. This was one of those gems that makes exploring new music so freaking enjoyable.
  3. Falling by Forever Two songs with the same title in one playlist? That’s what I thought and that's what inspired the theme. Working bottoms up. Techno techno techno!
  4. Undercover (Coucheron Remix) by Kehlani/Coucheron But it don't matter no, cause I got you!
  5. Biking (Solo) by Frank Ocean 

Check out this week's top 5 on my June 2017 playlist:

*Denotes this week's favorite