Mondays: Nick


Not everyone in the Stephen M. Ross School of Business is an arrogant and heartless "rosshole", and the existence of a calm chill dude like my friend Nick assures me that there is hope for the rest of us.

I met Nick through Marketing 300, the first ever step towards what is now my major. Through candid discussion about  Burger King's questionable advertisement choices, we both got our first exposure to the ideas surrounding the industry. Nick was such a baller group mate in MKT300 that I thought it would be cool to continue working together in next semester's MKT425 class where we truly became BFFs. I have really fond memories of developing our group's drink sharing app idea with Nick, which maybe someday will come to fruition (probably not though).


As a now retired swimmer for the University of Michigan, he's trying to avoid sweatpants and recover from his former preppy days. He has a favorite pair of dark jeans (everyone should), and his favorite accessories include his watch and clubmasters.

Wishing the best of luck to Nick as he moves away from his hometown of Wilmette, IL to his new job in Manhattan this summer!





Mind Your Ps & Qs

DSC_6257Going into a women's clothing store can be terrifying: there are often an overwhelming amount of choices and other shoppers at arm's length. The idea of walking into a store like Forever 21 alone gives me anxiety, and perhaps explains why I have started frequenting online stores more. Men's clothing shops like Ps & Qs and previously visited Today Clothing, however, are quite the opposite experience. Rather than dealing with an overbearing clothing to square-foot ratio, these unique top-shelf menswear shops often utilize a minimalistic space that is very open and uncluttered. The overarching feeling is one that is free of stress as you breeze down the sides of the store, browsing quality made in the USA shirts and quirky socks. In addition, the presence of Brooklyn (the dog) then made the store feel extremely warm and welcoming, which made my experience a far more comfortable one (as nicer menswear shops can sometimes feel intimidating and unnecessarily posh).

DSC_6258 DSC_6260 DSC_6264 DSC_6267

IMG_1996 Due to midterms and the seemingly exponential growth of school work, I have unfortunately fallen behind on maintaining my blog posts. If you are looking for about an hour or two's worth of distractions, please check out my writing on For the past two semesters, I have been blogging about men's street style for this site that captures college trends at over 300 universities worldwide. The men I encounter are trendy as they are interesting, and I often get to know my subjects pretty well before I write an article about what they are wearing. Click through the photo to read a little about my mission with fashion blogging, and also to see the other articles I have done.