Honest Tom's

DSC_5969 After a whirlwind week of studying for finals and finishing term papers, I am done with my sophomore year at the University of Michigan! It is a little scary to think that I am now halfway through college, and slightly intimidating that I am supposed to have a real "job" in a short couple of years. Overall though, it's an exciting and accomplished feeling that I am happy to have reached.

Immediately after I finished my last exam, my mom and I powerhoused through my room and packed everything up, and twelve hours later I got on a plane to see Matthew! I got in to Philly around lunch time, so he took me to Honest Tom's where I had a really great (and really filling) sweet potato burrito. The joint was extremely small and intimate, and perfect for a relaxing first meal together.


Breakfast For Lunch, Breakfast Forever

DSC_3880 My love for breakfast probably stems from my desire for a more settled lifestyle: a desire to not be running around all the time and to have meals at somewhat consistent intervals. It also stems from the hopeless romantic stuck inside a long distance relationship, as breakfast with my dear is something that I know I want to be part of my future life that is filled with love and (hopefully) whimsicality. This past spring break, Matthew and I made waffles for brunch and had a nice sit-down meal together before he left to go back to school. I double dosed on the chocolate, not only adding them in the waffle press but also generously piling them on after they came out.  DSC_3887 DSC_3893 DSC_3897


There is nothing like a classic ice cream cone: especially one that is sourced and produced locally. While I bleed true to maize and blue, I always plan a trip to the MSU Dairy Store when I go home. With fun college themed flavors like Final Four Fudge Dribble and Badger Berry Cheesecake, the decision can be difficult to make. Once you find that special flavor though (my personal favorite is Sesquicentennial Swirl), it is often difficult to switch to anything else. DSC_0017DSC_0026


DSC_0075 Takoyaki (wheat balls filled with octopus or other various things) is an Osaka specialty, and my aunt insisted that we stop at a Takoyaki street vendor for lunch. The inside texture was a little unexpected--it was very soft, unlike its slightly crispy exterior.

Although I try to eat pretty healthy, I'm generally a fan of anything fried and very much enjoyed my first Takoyaki experience.

Saturday Sundae

Franklin Fountain: an old fashioned sundae bar featuring homemade ice cream, where a Ben Franklin mold perches above everyone and sprinkles are called "jimmies". It was probably a 30+ minute wait, but in the company of someone wonderful and a vibrant urban summer atmosphere, time flies. We enjoyed our mint-chocolate chip ice cream sundae outside in the breezy Philadelphia nightfall. DSC_1084 DSC_1086 DSC_1136 DSC_1137

First Date

First Date It's Wednesday, which means...that special person you've been wanting to ask out? Better get on that ASAP, before they already make plans for Friday!

Might I suggest a dessert date? Casual yet thoughtful, you can get to know each other without the pressure of table manners--not to mention, at the fraction of the cost too.

Pictured: Cupcake Station's Strawberry Delight and Red Velvet.

Hipster Hub

While chains like Starbucks and Biggby are quite popular places for students, Ann Arbor offers a vast array of accessible shops and cafes to satisfy any locavore. One of my favorite places to study is Babo, an eclectic market that sells exquisite food and wine and also a casual hang out spot where you can grab a cup of coffee (or sangria) and a salad. In the daytime sunshine, Babo is a vibrant little store, abundant with colors and eye-catching window displays. By night, this sensation is heightened with their whimsical strung lights that light up the outside patio. Regardless of the time, I often can be found on the patio with my Macbook and a bottle of their fresh squeezed juices.

DSC_0084 DSC_0124

I have yet to try any of their food, but be sure to watch for a Babo food post when I inevitably do.DSC_0118

The Blimpy Burger Experience

Any legitimate student here knows what Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger is, and definitely does not need a Food Network feature to remind them how delicious it is. DSC_1024

Blimpy Burger is more than just a burger joint--but rather, an efficient and streamlined experience yielding a succulent grease-battered work of art.


One does not simply order a generic burger. One orders fresh beef patties on thick Kaiser patties with bacon and fried eggs. Grease on grease on grease on grease? Yes please.


When you finally make it through the assembly line of heart-attack inducing goodness and pay (cash only!), you might have to fight the temptation to start digging into your masterpiece without bothering with politeness and manners and actually sitting down. With something so yummy though, I completely understand.


And uh, oh, did I mention I'm a vegetarian?